Courageous Movie Review

I went out & watched Courageous this weekend, and I have to say it was one of the most moving movies I’ve seen in my life. I won’t give away the plot line because I HIGHLY recommend everyone go out and watch this film; however, I want to touch on some of the movie’s key topics as well as the business end of things.


Courageous is a Christian movie, and its key theme is that of men standing up and taking responsibility for themselves and their family. In today’s pop culture, this is a theme that’s rarely touched upon, so it was very refreshing to see a movie portray the subject so effectively. In a culture where men have been sissified to a point were all that’s expected of us is to sit in front of a TV watching sports & drinking beer, Courageous does an excellent job of showing what REALLY defines manhood.

I would love for all the sissified men to go out and watch this movie, but unfortunately they will be too busy sitting on their couch or my favorite excuse “this movie has no explosions.” Come on now, why don’t you watch something that will help improve who you are rather than wasting two hours on big explosions and loud noises. Courageous shows what men can become if they take God seriously, take their responsibilities seriously, and BE REAL MEN.


From a industry perspective, again the movie’s opening weekend was a huge success. It came in 4th place at the box office with $8.9 million in ticket sales. Considering the movie was made on a $2 million budget this is already a big achievement.

Most big Hollywood releases today have average marketing expenses anywhere between 15%-25% on top of the movie’s production budget. Courageous on the other hand, had virtually no marketing costs and was only shown on about 1160 screen as opposed to the weekend’s other major releases which were shown on upwards of 2500 screens. Again, this shows what an amazing job Sherwood Pictures (production company) was able to do in getting the word about the movie.

Courageous also hit high marks with CinemaScore audiences rating the movie an A+! To put that in perspective, only 3 other films have gotten a perfect score this year; The Help, Soul Surfer, and Dolphin Tale. Again, this shows what an impactful message Courageous delivers. Not only was the audience engaged with the film throughout, but the message resonated with viewers.

Again, I highly recommend this movie to anyone. Especially all you guys out there!


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