Armin Only Cancelled

UPDATED: 2.10.12. The article below was a post I wrote in mid-October of 2011. Here is an update on what has gone down since the Armin ONLY cancellation.

After Armin officially cancelled the LA show, he announced on his radio show, “A State of Trance” that he would be back in LA at the earliest possible date. Within weeks of this, the cities for ASOT 550 were announced and LA was selected as one of the lucky cities to host the massive celebrations. Fortunately, Go Ventures will take no part in organizing this event. Instead, Insomniac Events dedicated a separate stage at Beyond Wonderland 2012 for ASOT 550. Pasquale Rotella, Insomniac CEO, has stepped up to the plate and promised to deliver an unforgettable night on March 17. All eyes & ears will be tuned to Los Angeles on 3.17 to experience A State of Trance 550. Insomniac Events has a proven track record of delivering top-noch events and ASOT 550 will show the world that the trance & EDM scene in Los Angeles is bigger & better than anywhere else in North America.

Here is my original post from October 2011:

After fearing the worst for a couple of weeks, this morning I woke up to the devastating news. Armin van Buuren announced the cancellation of his Armin ONLY show at Monster Massive in LA on 10.29.11. I want to start off by making it crystal clear that Armin van Buuren & Armada are ABSOLUTELY NOT RESPONSIBLE for Monster Massive going down the drain.

This didn’t come as much of a shock to me, since rumors of the show’s demise had been circulating in industry circles for some time. Go Ventures, the promoter of Monster Massive managed to screw over thousands of Armin fans as well as the entire Electronic Dance Movement (EDM) community with their lies & deception. Here is a breakdown of how everything went down.

Go Ventures started off by trying to book the LA Sports Arena for the show, but the date was already reserved for another event. Next it attempted to book the Port of Los Angeles, again failing to get the venue secured. Now here is where things get good. Early July Armin’s people came to LA to get a tour of the venue for preparation purposes. Go Ventures did not have a venue secured at the time, so what did they do? They gave Armin’s reps a helicopter flyover of the Port of LA, claiming that this was where the venue was going to be. Why didn’t Go Ventures give the reps a walk through you ask? Well because the Port Authority denied them access on their premises since there was no contract in place.

Next, Go Ventures started advertising that Oak Canyon Ranch in Silverado, CA would be the location for the show. Again, as time passed it became evident that this was another lie. Oak Canyon Ranch owner, James Event Productions, posted on its website that Oak Canyon would NOT be hosting the show, that there was no deal with Go Ventures, and no deal was in the works either.

With less that 4 weeks to go until the show, instead of coming clean and admitting that they had no venue secured for Monster, Go Ventures posted on its facebook page that the show would take place at Oak Canyon as planned. They promised to show proof by posting permits from the city, as well as a signed contract with the venue managers. They claimed the James Event Productions’ website was a miss-communication and that the message would be removed from their website within 24 hours.

Of course, 24 hours went by, then 24 more hours, and eventually a week went by without any promised update from Go Ventures. As twitter, facebook, bloggers, and other social media outlets started questioning the legitimacy of Monster Massive and whether Armin Only would actually be happening, Armin’s production team took notice.

This morning, via his facebook page &, Armin pulled out of the show due to “circumstances beyond our control.” Translation, Go Ventures screwed over the entire EDM community, Armin, his production team, his fans, and all the other artists scheduled for the event. Fans from across the world had made travel plans to come to LA to see the last Armin Only show and all their plans went up in smoke with two weeks left to the show.

Armin, being the consummate professional that he is, issued this statement: “Sorry to keep so many of you in the dark regarding my Armin Only event date in LA, but we wanted to be sure of the date before we spoke to you. I understand any anger or upset, but I hope you all understand that I am completely devastated by this cancellation. I’ve never cancelled an Armin Only show before so I’m very upset to have to now. I hope I will see as many of you as possible in the near future.”

Go Venture destroyed the BIGGEST trance event in the history of the country by their deceitful tactics and shady miss-management. By mid-morning, all other headliners of the event cancelled their appearance as well, including Erick Morillo and Moby. The Monster Massive facebook page was inundated with disheartened fans who were cheated out of probably one of the most magical nights of their lives. The offices of Go Ventures did not return any phone calls and they did not post an update about the situation until the news had reached all corners of the world.

Groove Tickets & Go Ventures have both claimed that full refunds will be issued to all ticketholders. Here’s to hope that this promise will actually come to fruition, considering that Go Ventures has done nothing but lie to its patrons for the past 3 months.

The EDM community will bounce back from this loss, and Armin van Buuren will continue to be the number 1 DJ on the planet. True fans know today’s events were all on the hands of Go Ventures and therefore, there will be no hard feelings toward Armin & Armada. Go Ventures on the other hand, has taken a severe hit to its brand and I personally hope they go out of business. They are already promoting Together As One on New Year’s Eve as a show with a stellar lineup (and here’s the best part: no lineup announced). However, after what went down with Monster 2011, I honestly don’t see any reputable artist signing up to do a show with them.


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