Tevez It’s Time To Say Goodbye!

Tevez walks away from Mancini

UPDATED 02.21.12: Below is a post I did back in September 2011, on Carlos Tevez’s refusal to go into the match when his manager called on him. Here is a brief update on the situation followed by my original post.

After the incidents that led to his suspension & ducking of 6 week’s wages (approximately £1.2 million), Tevez decided to leave for Argentina without consent from his employers at City. Now if any of us decided to leave work without permission or notice, we would be fired without a second thought. However, in football this is not the case.

With Tevez’s departure, City desperately tried to get rid of him over the January transfer window. Negotiations & offers came from PSG, Inter, & AC Milan. However, none of the deals met City’s requirements & so the player was forced to stay with. Knowing City had no leverage in negotiations, the teams offered below market value for the player & were only willing to take him on temporary loans. City decided not to compromise on its valuation of the player & so kept Tevez on its payroll, at least until the summer.

After further negotiations between the player’s representatives & City, Tevez finally returned to Manchester. Mancini had made it clear that Tevez would never wear the sky blue shirt again unless he made a full apology & yesterday Tevez went ahead & apologized to the team, his teammates, & his manager. It is now up to him to return to match fitness in order to crack the City set up. This saga is far from over, let’s hope Tevez’s return does not derail City’s shot at the Permiership title.

Here is my original post from September 2011:

I’ll start this off by saying this; Carlos Tevez is probably the 2nd best player on the planet after Leo Messi. He is one of the few guys in Football who can single handedly change the outcome of a game. Just look at last season, he put Manchester City on his back, got them to the Champions League AND an FA Cup victory… Something the Man City hadn’t experienced in a good 37 years.

However, that’s where my praise for the guy runs its course. Even though he is working on £200,000 per week wages he still manages a way to alienate his team, coach & millions of adoring City fans who used to see him as their savior.

First it was his transfer request last winter, he then withdrew it & got his act together to help the team finish the season on a winning note. Then came the summer transfer window & another request to get out of City. With his high wages & transfer fee there are only a handful of teams in Football who can afford this guy & so no one was able to secure his services.

The transfer window closed again and low & behold, Carlitos is once again starting to act like an immature spoiled child. With his team down 2-0 on the road at Bayern, Mancini (his coach) asked him to go into the match. What did Tevez do? He decided he wasn’t “mentally into the game.” Whatever that means. Just when his team needed him he decided to QUIT on them. Not only did he let his coach & teammates down, but he also let down all the City fans who had supported him throughout his years at city.

I think it’s time for Manchester City to dump this character & cut their losses. With UEFA’s new Financial Fair Play (FFP) coming into effect this season, City needs to find ways to lower its wage bill & getting rid of Mr. Tevez will provide a significant boost. Not only will they save money but they will also get rid of a major locker room distraction.

I’ve never been someone who expects a player to be on one team for his entire career & I’ve supported mercenary players many times. With the great amount of talent that today’s footballers have, I believe they have every right to demand high wages & play for the team that offers the most money. However, there comes a point where these guys think they are bigger than the team & that’s where the problem starts. Carlos has been playing in England for 5 years now & he still can’t speak BASIC English. Come on dude! Get your act together.


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