The Slutification of Halloween

Time to get controversial & offend some people, but hey if the shoe fits, hopefully this is a wakeup call for you. I’m going to go off topic on this edition of The Hit List since the topic is unavoidable this time of the year. Happy National “It’s Ok to Dress like a Whore” Day! (a.k.a. Halloween)

Seems like every year our society dives deeper & deeper into degeneration, & I for one, am sick & tired of it. Every costume I see out there seems like it’s an everyday character/occupation with a “slut” in front of it. Slutty cop, slutty nurse, slutty maid, slutty firefighter, slutty little red riding hood, etc. The only costume missing is a slutty slut… o wait, that’s all the girls that give up on the whole costume thing & go out in lingerie.

I want to know what the reasoning is behind wearing these low class costumes. Here are some possibilities:

  • Is it because you are so desperate for attention that you’ve come to the conclusion that you need to wear the skimpiest outfit you can find?
  • Is it that you have such low self-esteem that wearing next to nothing & having perverted guys stare at you all night long makes you feel better about yourself?
  • Or could it be that you have no class, self-control, & integrity?

I personally think it’s all of the above. Turning into a slut for a night is not the way to get noticed. I’m pretty sure the people you’ll be getting attention from are not the people you want or should be getting attention from. No self-respecting, upstanding guy with integrity goes out on Halloween looking for girls who look the sluttiest. In fact, most guys who have class & dignity are probably not out on Halloween. Do you honestly think your “dream guy” wants to be seen in public with the slutty nurse from the other night? Didn’t think so.

Halloween has turned into a free pass for people to make complete fools out of themselves without any repercussions. Well you know what, I’m calling you out. I’m judging you. Why? Because you chose to put yourselves in this position. Wake up & smell the roses, the world doesn’t revolve around you. Stop being such attention whores, get your acts together & grow up.


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