Above & Beyond Announce Group Therapy Radio

Every ending brings with it a new beginning. Today was no different as Above & Beyond announced the launch of Group Therapy Radio. The last episode of Trance Around The World will serve as the first episode of Group Therapy Radio.

Coming off the trio’s huge success with the Group Therapy album & tour it is no surprise Above & Beyond decided to take the concept and turn it into a weekly Group Therapy session. As reaction from twitter poured in, one thing is clear: everyone is in need of more Group Therapy!

After the initial shock of TATW’s cancellation set in, the community was buzzing with rumors of whether the trio would be breaking up or moving Anjunabeats to a new label. Today’s announcement relieved all those fears as fans of this legendary group will continue to get their weekly fix of Above & Beyond Group Therapy.

One thing that’ll be interesting to see is whether removing trance from their show’s title is also a hint at a shifting or fusion of genres that will feature on the program. Stay tuned for the outcome as we enter a new era of Group Therapy. Above & Beyond delivered 450 solid episodes of Trance Around The World and I’m sure Group Therapy Radio will continue in the path of its predecessor.

Check out their full post on the announcement over on their Facebook page here: Group Therapy Radio Announcement


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