When Promoters Fail: The New York Story

ASOT600 NYCSo today word got out that ASOT 600 New York will be an all ages event at Madison Square Garden (MSG); another miss-step in the long running saga of this event. It started with the delayed announcement of the location, followed by the late lineup announcement a week later & now the fact that there will be no age restriction on attendees.

If anything can be learned from the past, it’s that these events need to have a strict age restriction of 18+ but preferably 21+. When an event is set to take place at one of the most high profile venues in North America, MSG, the promoters need take every possible measure to ensure no issues can damage the reputation of the artists, the community, as well as the EDM scene in general. Allowing kids of all ages to attend is a recipe for disaster.

Two recent examples of EDM events with young attendee problems that come to my mind are the Pilly event a couple months back & EDC LA 2010. After a 15 year old girl overdosed & passed away in the LA Coliseum in 2010, the city banned all EDM events from the Coliseum. This was a huge news story in Los Angeles and it had a significant impact on large scale events being booked in the city. It is crucial for promoters to act responsibly and prevent these things from happening repeatedly.

A lot of people are saying Made Event made this decision in order to make sure the event sells out. A State of Trance 600 in New York City should not have a problem selling out even with an 18+ or 21+ age restriction. The selling out excuse is garbage; if the promoters were concerned with the event not selling out, they should have either not bid for the event or booked a smaller venue. Is it better to sell 10,000 tickets with an age restriction that goes off without a hitch or to sell 14,000 tickets and have your event all over the news for the wrong reasons?

The last thing I’ll mention about this whole situation is the fact that none of the “mainstream” EDM blogs are covering the topic. They may have legitimate reasons for it, such as turn around time; however, this is an issue that needs to be addressed by all key influencers in the scene. If you are avoiding covering this topic because you’re scared of pissing off the promoters and losing your press passes shame on you! This issue needs to be addressed by the entire community to prevent the past from repeating itself.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic! Please leave your comments below.



  1. Can’t argue with much of this logic. As a parent (I’m not, I’m hypothetically speaking) I wouldn’t want my young children at an event of this size and nature, especially if they’re 12 or so. Many events are turning to a 16+ strategy to get the real meat of the teens, but that’s still trouble, though less trouble than 12-year-olds. While 21+ seems a tad aggressive, I can understand for venues that lack the ability to separate the alcohol-imbibers from the “youngins'”.

    You’re main point, however, stands tall and true. Promoters should take responsibility for ensuring that the events go off well, not just make money off the events. They should care about the scene that they’re booking, not just see it as a profitable genre.

    Keep raising the alarm, asking the right questions, and supporting proper festival habits.

  2. MSG is an all ages venue, if i’m not mistaken. SHM was all ages there last year, and it is this year as well (and Barclay’s will be as well this year). I agree that these events should be 18+, but then they need to find other venues… and it is hard to find stadium sized venues that aren’t all ages…I’m not sure that has as much to do with the promoters as it does the actual establishment. Well written article though and I share your frustration!

  3. it should have been on one of the piers. preferably 36 or 94. madeevent tweeted that ticketmaster needs to be used for MSG. yet another major catastrophe in todays sales. that site functions like complete dog shit. and if you don’t have a chase card, you’re already behind in the game. presale codes didn’t mean a god damn thing! scalpers got their greedy hands on 1,000+ tickets in a matter of hours, when REAL fans were left plucking in next-to-impossible CAPTCHA codes for 2+ hours straight with the dismal attempt at finding a match.

    i can’t even begin to describe how frustrated i am at this. since the day armin announced asot 600 NYC, i was happier than a kitten in a pool of catnip. it’s just a damn shame that greed was involved in ruining a massive event for thousands of true and legit trance fans. my a state of trance 450 NYC memories are going to need to last me a whiiiiile longer now. 😦

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