Moonbeam: The Random

Moonbeam: The Random

So what does one of the biggest duos on the Russian EDM scene do to launch 2013? They release their 4th artist album which also serves as their first official foray into original film scores. The 2 CD release contains original tracks from the score as well as club mixes which are destined for dance floor destruction!

I had a chance to listen to previews of some tracks. The productions have a solid mix of the classic Moonbeam sound which come together to develop a solid film score. Pavel couldn’t have described the release any better: “Our absolute endgame with this album was duality; a long-player that is every bit as capable of developing atmosphere in a cinema as it is delivering big room moments in a club. Nothing else will do.”

The Random promises to be an audio-visual experience unlike any other. With appearances from Avis Vox, Blackfeel Wite, Andrea Roma & more, The Random is one of my most anticipated releases on the 2013 calendar. I’m sure once you get to experience it, you will agree. After 200 studio productions to their credit, The Random is the next big step from this Russian duo. Moonbeam: The Random will be released on February 22nd, on Moonbeam Digital & Black Hole Recordings. Pre-order your copy of The Random now!

CD1: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

01. Only You (feat. Jacob A)
02. Madness (feat. Avis Vox)
03. Alive (with Matvey Emerson)
04. Flight (feat. Leusin)
05. Together (feat. Blackfeel Wite)
06. You Win Me (feat. Aelyn)
07. Echoes Dying Away
08. Tell Me (feat. Jacob A)
09. Dark to Light  (feat Nathassia D & Pryce Oliver)
10. Little Monster (with Andrea Roma)
11. The Fatal Thread (with A*S*Y*S)
12. Sun Went Down (feat. ARCHNGL)

CD2: Club Versions

01. Awaking
02. Alive (with Matvey Emerson) (Club Mix)
03. Flight (feat. Leusin) (Club Mix)
04. The Raven
05. Only You (feat. Jacob A) (Club Mix)
06. Little Monster (with Andrea Roma) (Club Mix)
07. Together (feat. Blackfeel Wite) (Club Mix)
08. Heavy Rain (with J-Soul)
09. The Fatal Thread (with A*S*Y*S) (Club Mix)
10. You Win Me (feat. Aelyn) (Club Mix)


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