In Search of Sunrise 11: Las Vegas

isos11Richard Durand is back with another edition of his hugely successful In Search of Sunrise compilation series. For this edition, the journey takes us to Sin City with In Search of Sunrise 11: Las Vegas! Coming out this June on your favorite download portal, this edition of the series features 3 CDs including a full mix from the prolific duo of Myon & Shane 54. ISOS 11 is one of the must haves for your playlists this summer.

For the first time in the series, this year’s ISOS is located in a city rather than an entire country & where better to debut the city series than in one of the hot beds of EDM in the States, the Las Vegas desert.

“With electronic music in States having changed so momentously over the last couple of years, there really was only one choice when it came to the country for 2013’s ‘Search’. I’ve selected Las Vegas to be the focus point, as it’s a place I’ve seen the sun come up many times over. This album though is as much about the bigger East-to-West coast picture. It’s a celebration of everything that’s great musically about L.V. and the USA at large.” – Richard Durand

On being featured as the guest mixers on ISOS 11, here’s what Myon & Shane 54 had to say: We had quite big shoes to fill but making this mix was a true labour of love. Musically there was one goal we had in mind: continuing the classic series in terms of style, mood and depth, regardless of what musical trends or genres might dictate to a regular mix CD.”

You can check out the full tracklist below, and be sure to pre-order your copy here.

Disc 1.
01. Niko Pavlidis featuring Row – See Inside (Richard Durand’s In Search Of Sunrise Remix)
02. Silence Groove – Hanging In The Air (Original Mix)
03. Sydney Blu, JD & Betsie Larkin – Nightlight (Santerna Remix)
04. Joshi – Kingfisher (Original Mix)
05. Max Roelse & Two Killers featuring Ange – Heart Breaking (Original Mix) 
06. The Flyers -Ester 
07. Steve Kaetzel featuring Emma Lock – I Loved You (Original Mix)
08. AWD – In Time 
09. Richard Durand & Neev Kennedy – Running On Empty (Richard Durand’s In Search Of Sunrise Edit)
10. Rocking J & Pedro Del Mar – Krysta (Original Mix)
11. Andy Duguid & Julie Thompson – Skin & Bones (Original Mix) 
12. Stas Isometrica featuring Edward Lytkin – New Universe (Original Mix) 
13. Tamra Keenan – Pontius Pilate (Lence & Pluton RemIx)
14. Craving – Flare (Original Mix) 
15. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Ferry Corsten – Magenta
16. Andain – You Once Told Me (Walsh & McAuley Remix)
Disc 2.

01. George Acosta featuring Shakeh – These Dreams (Richard Durand’s In Search Of Sunrise Remix)
02. Steve Kaetzel – Floe (Alex O’Rion Remix)
03. BT featuring JES – Every Other Way (Johan Malmgren Remix) 
04. Moonbeam featuring Avis Vox – Madness (Exclusive Club Mix)
05. Cyre – Cala Conta
06. Boom Jinx, Maor Levi & Ashley Tomberlin – When You Loved Me (Original Mix)
07. Sequentia presents Daniel Garrick – Never Maybe
08. Motif featuring Naemi Joy – One More Time (Walsh & McAuley Dub Mix)
09. Pedro Del Mar & Spark7 featuring Jane Kumada – Hold Me Now (Pedro Del Mar & DoubleV Instrumental Remix)
10. Meridian – Summer Inside (Original Mix)
11. Richard Durand & Eximinds – Las Vegas (In Search Of Sunrise 11 Anthem)
12. Alex O’Rion – Don’t Look Back
13. Tom8 vs. Luke Ryan – Sunstar (Original Mix)
14. Jace Williams – Hope & Pray (Original Mix)
15. Allen Watts – Lifelines (Original Mix)
16. Falcon – Hayabusa
17. Cosmic Gate – Storm Chaser (KhoMha Remix)

Disc 3.

01. Myon & Shane 54 featuring Amy Pearson – Hurricane (Myon & Shane 54 In Search Of Sunrise Mix)
02. Michael Myers and Astrid Suryanto – Up
03. Myon & Shane 54 with Aruna – Lights (Cole Plante Remix)
04. Audien – Wayfarer
05. Above & Beyond featuring Zoë Johnston – Alchemy (Myon & Shane 54 Redemption Mix)
06. Mike Danis – Are You Gonna Love Me (In Search Of Sunrise Edit)
07. Boom Jinx, Maor Levi & Ashley Tomberlin – When You Loved Me (Original Mix)
08. Moonbeam featuring Pryce Oliver – Get On The Move
09. LTN – City Of Light (Myon & Shane 54 In Search Of Sunrise Edit)
10. Mike Danis – We Are True (Original Mix)
11. Myon & Shane 54 with Natalie Peris – Outshine (Myon & Shane 54 In Search Of Sunrise Mix)
12. The Madison – Copycat (Original Mix)
13. Coe – Banger (Original Mix)
14. Juventa – Stella Polare 
15. Myon & Shane 54 featuring Carrie Skipper – Vampire (Eximinds Remix In Search Of Sunrise Edit)
16. SNR – What Happens There (In Search Of Sunrise Edit)
17. Juventa – The Strip (Original Mix)
18. Tiësto featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw – Just Be (Acapella)
19. Myon & Shane 54 – Sailing Stones (Myon & Shane 54 Ambient Mix)


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