Bobina – Same Difference

Same DifferenceBobina is back with the follow up to the massive Rocket Ride with his new album Same Difference. One of the main heavyweights in the Russia dance music scene, Bobina has lined up an incredible tracklist with collaborations from the likes of Andrew Rayel as well as some beautiful vocal performances from Susana, Ana Criado and Betsie Larkin. “As my career has progressed, vocals in my music have become more and more key. In the studio the human voice is now every bit as inspiring to me as the synthesizer. I think on ‘Same Difference’ they’ve been used as never before.” – Bobina

On why he considers Same Difference a sequel to Rocket Ride: without being a sequel in name, this is very much the natural second chapter to ‘Rocket Ride’. Same difference maybe, but is a continuance that shares the same spirit, and often the same styles as my last album. It is also about the continued pursuit of artistic freedom-of-movement; I see this only as an ‘electronic music album’ – plain, straight + simply that!”

The album starts out by taking you through a trance journey with the title track Same Difference and leads into the deeper progressive and house sounds with tracks like Quattro 372 and Miami Echoes. And of course one of the hottest tunes at the moment Sacramentum with Andrew Rayel takes the album to a whole new dimension.

Same Difference is out now on Black Hole Recordings. Get your copy on iTunes now.


01. Same Difference (8:10)

02. For Who I Am (with Ana Criado) (5:42)

03. Quattro 372 (4:06)

04. Miami Echoes (5:26)

05. Play Fire With Fire (with Susana) (4:45)

06. Diamond Hell (5:38)

07. Sacramentum (with Andrew Rayel) (5:31)

08. No Substitute For You (with Betsie Larkin) (5:17)

09. Basque The Dog (4:00)

10. Sober Duck (5:44)

11. Slow MMXIII (featuring Mariske Hekkenberg) (3:36)

12. The Space Track (3:15)

13. Lovin’ Lies (5:51)


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