Dr. Kucho! The Return of the King

Dr Kucho The Return of the KingOne of the most refreshing albums I’ve heard in a long time & the best album of 2013 are two of the first thoughts that came to mind when I finished listening to The Return of the King. I’ve been following Dr. Kucho’s work for some time now and I’ve always appreciated the fact that his productions have never fallen into the pattern of main stream electronic dance music. The unique sound of a Kucho track is a breath of fresh air in a sea filled with drops and basslines.

The undisputed king of Spanish house has managed to put together a progressive/trance album the likes of which I haven’t heard in years. True to the name and mission of Journey Tunes, The Return of the King delivers a journey through the sounds that have come to define Dr. Kucho! From the melodic sounds of Aurora Borealis and Agnus Dei to the darker clubby sounds of Cosmodrome and Nebular Quest I could not skip over a single track on the album.

Get your copy of The Return of the King now!


1. Aurora Borealis
2. Agnus Dei
3. The Return of the King
4. Dreams
5. Cosmodrome
6. Nebular Quest
7. Everybody Needs Two TB-303
8. Milky Way Ride
9. Star Light Symphony
10. Black Magic


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