First State – Full Circle

full circleSander van der Waal is completing the arc that started with his initial First State release Time Frame, and the follow up Changing Lanes with the 3rd album Full Circle. The album will be out March 3rd on Magik Muzik / Black Hole Recordings.

Here’s what Sander had to say on this release: “Full Circle’ represents my journey as an artist and song composer, as I feel this album stands for the completion of an era and my development as an artist. With this album I’ve followed my heart and some songs took days while others took weeks or sometimes even months. Even though an album is never finished for a producer until it leaves it’s studio, the same goes for a circle as it has no beginning nor and ending.”

Full Circle features 15 tracks including vocals from Sarah Howells, Neev Kennedy and more. You can order your copy here.


01. I Need Your Love
02. Skies On Fire (featuring Sarah Howells)
03. Worlds Apart
04. Take The Fall (featuring Relyk)
05. Lourdes
06. I’ll Never Die (featuring Tyler Sherritt)
07. Nothing Lasts (featuring Neev Kennedy)
08. Anunnaki
09. Battle Of Hearts (featuring Fenja)
10. Seeing Stars (featuring Sarah Howells)
11. Where You Are (featuring Quilla)
12. Glow (with Eric Lumiere)
13. Humanoid
14. Maze (featuring Tyler Sherritt)
15. One Push


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