Pioneer DJ Art Mix Project

Cosmic GatePioneer is teaming up with VH1’s Save the Music Foundation along with some of the top names in electronic dance music to design unique CDJ-2000 Nexus decks to be auctioned off for the foundation. Cosmic Gate will be joining the likes of Markus Schulz, Ferry Corsten, Kaskade, along with Rukes & Insomniac to work with renowned German artist Norm/ab_artig to bring the decks to life with some one of a kind artwork.

These decks will be some of the rarest pieces of memorabilia from Cosmic Gate & the other artists so if you are a die-hard fan, make sure you get your bids in! All the proceeds go to a very worthy cause.

Here’s what Nic & Bossi had to say about their new venture. Nic Chagall: “although it’s early days we’ve already had a whole lot of ideas in mind as to the direction we’d like to take our design. We were immediately impressed when we saw Norm/ab_artig street art – we can’t wait to get working with him on it! Basically, this is where the beats will meet the streets!” Bossi’s further expands, “VH1’s impressive push to restore music education programs to public schools has been on both Nic’s and my radar for quite a time now. Through the Save The Music charity they’re helping nurture talent today that could very well turn into artists whose music we’re all listening to in the future. As musicians we see that as being an enormous positive and we’re very happy indeed to be able to support that through a channel as creative as Pioneer’s Art Mix project.

If you are in LA, stop by The Bank (401 S. Main Street) on October 10th to catch a glimpse of all the artwork. The following day, all items will be posted online as part of the auction.

More details on the Art Mix Project & the Save the Music foundation can be found below.


2011 DJ Mag Top 100 Results

Congratulations David Guetta on taking the number 1 spot in DJ Mag’s 2011 Top 100 DJs poll. Now let’s get on to serious business.

As soon as news got out that Guetta had taken the top spot in this year’s poll the #trancefamily went crazy about the results. Unfortunately, our beloved 4x number 1 DJ Mr. Armin van Buuren has fallen to second place on the annual list of the world’s top DJs.

Why did this happen? Pretty much because Guetta went HYPER mainstream over the past couple of years. His latest album featured pop icons Usher, Black Eyed Peas, Flo Rida, Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, etc… He was able to get a ridiculous number of votes by getting votes from fans of these mainstream performers and Armin had no way to combat this massive flood.

This year’s vote included a lot of voters who probably only know Guetta & voted for him just because. Even though Armin van Buuren & the rest of the trance producers had the backing of the #trancefamily, there was no way to defeat the huge marketing clout that came along with Guetta’s new album and worldwide mainstream pop presence.

One of the best tweets I read today came from @INDOTRANCE, who tweeted: “If @arminvanbuuren made a vocal mix with Justin Bieber… Lol… He would be #1 #Top100DJs.” I Couldn’t have said it better myself. Top 100 voting has become so commercialized that whoever lands the biggest POP name to collaborate with will have a very good chance at taking a large number of votes.

As always, Armin remained the classy guy he’s always been, congratulating Guetta and giving him a remix of Without You ft. Usher which Guetta later premiered during his set. @dwdechert said it best: “the spirit of #TranceFamily always makes trance #1 no matter what a list says. it cannot be broken…”

Bottom line is, real EDM fans know who the true number 1 DJ is and a list will never change that. Armin will continue to make hit after hit without compromising his integrity and the #trancefamily will continue to support our DJs 1000%.

A big congratulations to #1 Armin, #5 Above & Beyond, #8 Dash Berlin, #9 Markus Schulz, #11 Paul van Dyk, #13 Gareth Emery, #16 Sander van Doorn, #18 Ferry Corsten and all the other trance producers who made this year’s list. We will be back better than ever next year. #MOTIVATION!

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