Ferry Corsten: Once Upon A Night Vol. 4

OUAN4Ferry Corsten’s Once Upon A Night series is coming back with volume 4. Get ready for the trademark sound that you’ve come to expect from this compilation in a brand new journey across electronic dance music. Once Upon A Night Vol. 4 will be out November 28th, on Premier Recordings. Pre-order your copy on iTunes now.

The 2CD release starts out with calmer sounds from the likes of Ad Brown, LoCo, and Zachary Zamarripa and moves the listeners over to the harder sounds of the 2nd CD featuring tracks from Beltek, Bobina, Rafaël Frost, as well as Markus Schulz’s new banger Remember This. The wide range of tracks in this package is truly a unique experience, and this is what Ferry had to say about it: “With the diversity of dance music in general being bigger than ever before, my playground is endless. And with the sound of this compilation I hope you can hear that nothing is impossible.” Check out the full tracklist below.

Disc 1:

01. Ad Brown with Tess – More
02. Ad Brown with Stan Kolev – Thrive
03. Analogue Sound Department – Rhodestep (Original Mix)
04. Timur Shafiev – Mainstream
05. Amir Afargan – Dawn of Paradise
06. Art Shumiloff & Jenia – Roxanne (Your Shape) (Original Mix)
07. LoCo – Out In The Field
08. Kukuzenko – Dangerbox (Original Mix)
09. Ad Brown with Shawn Mitiska – Pulse (Extended Mix)
10. Zachary Zamarripa – Is This Love
11. Disco Freaks vs Dayton Eliss – Take Me 2 The Sun (Dayton Eliss Remix)
12. Timur Shafiev – Glory (Edu Remix)
13. Patrick Hagenaar featuring Sarah McLeod – Magik (Kris O’Neil Remix)
14. REZarin – Signature (Original Mix)

Disc 2:

01. Beltek – Inhale (Original Mix)
02. Giuseppe Ottaviani featuring Seri – Gave Me (Chris Schweizer Remix)
03. Bobina & Ana Criado – For Who I Am (Beat Service Remix)
04. Rafaël Frost – Masada (Original Mix)
05. Andy Duguid featuring Jaren – 7even (Mark Sixma Remix)
06. David Forbes – Exist
07. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Ferry Corsten – Magenta (Extended Mix)
08. Markus Schulz – Remember This (Original Mix)
09. Metric – Artificial Nocturne (Jacob van Hage Remix)
10. Francesco Rossi – Paper Aeroplane (Tom Staar Remix)
11. Andy Duguid – Tiago
12. Witness45 – Thank You (Original Mix)
13. Venaccio – Foxy


Betsie Larkin – All We Have Is Now (Deluxe)

Betsie-Larkin-All-We-Have-Is-Now 600x600Betsie Larkin’s original release of All We Have Is Now is one of my favorite vocal albums. Now, 22 months after its release, Premier Recordings has released the Deluxe Edition.

Along with all the originals from the album, the deluxe edition features 15 remixes featuring names like Roger Shah, Andy Duguid, Solarstone, Lange, Tenishia and plenty more. Kick back and relive all the memories of the original, along with all the remixes packed in this 2 CD package. But wait… there’s more on this release! Videos of Toys, The Dream, and All We have Is Now are all included.

All We Have Is Now: The Deluxe Edition is out now on Premier Recordings. You can get your copy here.

The Originals.

1. The Dream (with John O’Callaghan) (6:07)
2. Stars (with Ferry Corsten) (4:56)
3. All We Have Is Now (with Super8 & Tab) (4:58)
4. Obvious (with Lange) (5:26)
5. Made Of Love [Made With Love Rework] (with Rafaël Frost) (4:30)
6. Breathe You In (with Solarstone) (6:05)
7. The Flicker Inside (5:30)
8. Toys (with Giuseppe Ottaviani) (5:27)
9. The Offering (with Sied van Riel) (5:24)
10. Let It Shine (with Bjorn Akesson) (6:09)
11. Belong To Me (with Bobina) (Sunset Version) (4:43)
12. The Dream (with John O’Callaghan) (Ambient Mix) (3:58)

Bonus Tracks.

13. The Dream (with John O’Callaghan) (Jquintel, Jeziel Quintela & Manufactured Superstars Remix) (5:49)
14. The Dream (with John O’Callaghan) (Rafaël Frost Remix) (7:00)
15. Stars (with Ferry Corsten) (Ferry Fix) (5:29)
16. Stars (with Ferry Corsten) (Roger Shah Pumpin’ Island Remix) (6:41)
17. Stars (with Ferry Corsten) (Tenishia 2013 Remaster) (7:32)
18. All We Have Is Now (with Super8 & Tab) (Daniel Wanrooy Remix) (7:30)
19. All We Have Is Now (with Super8 & Tab) (Loverush UK! Remix) (6:31)
20. Obvious (with Lange) (Lange Club Mix) (7:17)
21. Obvious (with Lange) (George Acosta Remix) (6:56)
22. Breathe You In (with Solarstone) (Solarstone Pure Mix) (8:51)
23. Breathe You In (with Solarstone) (Sneijder Remix) (7:11)
24. Toys (with Giuseppe Ottaviani) (On Air Mix) (7:25)
25. The Offering (with Sied van Riel) (Save The Robot Remix) (7:04)
26. The Offering (with Sied van Riel) (Andy Duguid Remix) (8:15)
27. Let It Shine (with Bjorn Akesson) (Walsh &McAuley Remix) (7:14)

Bonus Videos.

28. The Dream (with John O’Callaghan) (3:38)
29. All We Have Is Now (with Super8 & Tab) (3:47)
30. Toys (with Giuseppe Ottaviani) (3:59)

One Thousand Suns

How do you take one of the hottest summer anthems of 2012 to the next level? You add the vocals of none other than Christian Burns. Here’s the brand new video of ‘One Thousand Suns’ by Chicane & Ferry Corsten featuring Mr. Burns. I guarantee you won’t be able to play this tune just once.

The track is out now on Modena Music! Check it out on Spotify.