A State of Trance 600: Minsk Sets

ASOT600: Minsk

March 7, 2013. This will be a date that the people of Belarus will not forget. As revealed by Armin van Buuren on ASOT 590, Minsk’s lineup includes a list of some of the biggest names in Trance. The Expedition world tour will make a landing at the Minsk Arena for an unforgettable night of dancefloor destruction!


Armin van Buuren

Dash Berlin


Leon Bolier

Sean Tyas

Sied van Riel


A State of Trance 600: The EXPEDITION

UPDATED 1.10.13 with Madrid as the final location.

UPDATED 1.5.13 with New York & Guatemala details.

UPDATED 12.1.12 with the addition of Sofia, Bulgaria. Ticket links for Mexico, Minsk & Mumbai.

UPDATED on 11.18.12 with the addition of of the latest tour stops. As announced by Armin during ASOT 585, the Expedition world tour will start on February 14 and conclude on April 6th in Den Bosch. The location for the kick off party on February 14th will be Mardid marking the first time A State of Trance has landed in mainland of Spain.

Today was the big day. Armin van Buuren and the Armada crew did a live broadcast of A State of Trance 583 from the Amsterdam Dance Event to announce the 6 cities that would host ASOT600: The EXPEDITION!

The big news coming out was that the ASOT crew set up a giant google+ hangout with many of the largest ASOT600 campaign teams. Over the course of the broadcast Armin announced the dates and locations of the first 6 cities who were chosen from the many campaigns across the social media stratosphere. I personally want to send out big congratulations to all the campaigns! The united effort to spread the love of trance is truly something that no other music genre can claim.

Here’s a list of all the events including dates and locations. To see the more details and full lineups, click on the name of each city!

Madrid, Spain: February 14, 2013 TICKETS SOLD OUT

Mexico City, Mexico: February 16, 2013 TICKETS SOLD OUT

Sao Paulo, Brazil: March 1, 2013 TICKETS

Minsk, Belarus: March 7, 2013 TICKETS

Sofia, Bulgaria: March 8, 2013 TICKETS

Beirut, Lebanon: March 9, 2013 TICKETS

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: March 15, 2013 TICKETS

Mumbai, India: March 16, 2013 TICKETS

Miami, USA: March 24, 2013 TICKETS

Guatemala City, Guatemala: March 27, 2013 TICKETS

New York, USA: March 30, 2013 SOLD OUT

Den Bosch, The Netherlands: April 6, 2013 TICKETS

A State of 600: The Expedition